Thinkcar ThinkDiag Mini OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Code Reader Car All System Scan DPF SAS EPB 15 Reset OBD 2 Auto Diagnostic Tools

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Thinkcar ThinkDiag Mini OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Code Reader Car All System Scan DPF SAS EPB 15 Reset OBD 2 Auto Diagnostic Tools

THINKCAR ThinkDiag Mini –Full System Diagnostic & 15 Free Reset Service & 5 Free Brands

ThinkDiag Mini is a portable and economical car fault diagnosis tool which is suitable for DIY individual users and small repair shops. ThinkDiag Mini is composed of a diagnostic connector and an APP, which is connected to the vehicle diagnostic socket through the connector, and wirelessly communicates with a smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth, so as to install client software and diagnostic software on the smart terminal for car fault diagnosis.

15 Free Reset Functions And Choose 5 Brands For Free, Best Choice For Car Owner!

●OBD2 diagnosis function and full system diagnosis functions are free for life

●15 reset functions are 1 year free update

Support Full Diagnostic Systems:

●Support manual selection of vehicle type software to complete vehicle diagnosis

including reading fault codes, clearing fault codes, reading data stream, reading version information, etc.

●Support diagnose all systems of the car

Include : ABS system, Engine system, SAS system , TPMS system , IMMO system , Battery system ,Oil service system , SRS system , ect…

Thinkdiag Mini With 15 Free Reset Service

1.Oil Lamp Reset Service :
allows you to perform reset for a new calculation of Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil.

2.EPB service:
it is important in the maintenance of electronic braking system’s safety and efficiency.

3.BAT battery service :
allows the scan tool to evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current, register the battery replacement, and activate the rest state of the vehicle.

4.DPF service :
specially works for Diesel Particulate Filter system with DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teach-in and DPF teach-in after replacing the engine control unit.

5.SAS service:
helps clear the fault steering angle sensor memories and plays an important role in the steering angle sensor calibration.

6.TPMS service :
makes sense in displaying sensor IDs from the vehicle’s ECU, inputting TPMS sensor replacement IDs and testing sensors.


(1) In order to prevent the car from being used by illegal keys, the car can only be used normally after the anti-theft device control system on the car recognizes and authorizes the remote control through the anti-theft key matching function.

(2) When replacing the ignition switch key, ignition switch, combination meter, engine control unit (ECU), body control module (BCM) and remote control battery, anti-theft matching is required.

8.ABS Bleeding :
ABS brake bleeding to get a firm brake pad after air exhaustion after repair ABS pump system

9.Sunroof Reset:
The sunroof memory generally needs to be reset when the vehicle’s battery is replaced or the car dies

10.Suspension Reset:
Try reset electronic suspension air ride with the massage system close all doors koeo flip through measage system go to suspension reset or on off

11.Gearbox Reset
Procedure Reset Transmission Adaptive Learning DIY. Start the car and drive. Once you perform this procedure the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Transmission Control Unit (TCU) will work together to learn how you drive by monitoring your driving pattern. After you follow this programing method of the TCU / ECU drive the car.

12.AFS Headlamp Reset
‘AFS’ means Adaptive Front lighting System (at night with the Bi-Xenon headlights) it swivels either side, pressing that button means they stay pointing straight ahead and don’t turn when you turn the steering wheel

13.Injector Coding
Leaking injectors and some dead injectors can be missed even when an injector is disabled. Otherproblems with the ignition system and mechanical components also may not show an rpm loss when aninjector is turned off

14.Throttle Adaptation
The throttle body is a tube containing a pivoting flat valve (butterfly) that is used to control the amount ofair entering an engine. In an electronically fuel injected car, a throttle position sensor and air flow sensorcommunicate with the computer, which supplies the corresponding amount of fuel needed at the injectors. It must need re-learning throttle sensor position after clearing or repair

15.Gear Learning:
The scan tool monitors certain camshaft position sensors signals to determine if all conditions are met to continue with the procedure for Engine running

Support Unicersal OBDII Functions

Turn Off Engine Light Check Vehicle Status

1. Reading Codes
Show the detailed description of the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTCs)

2. Erasing Codes & Reset
Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors.

3. Data Stream
Reads and displays live ECU/PCM data stream, plotting functions graphically and stores freeze frame data.

4. I/M Readiness Status
Shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for inspection and maintenance testing.

5. View Freeze Frame Data
Check the certain vehicle conditions which are recorded by the on-board computer at the time the emission-related fault occurs.

6. O2 Sensor Test
Allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor monitor test results for the most recently performed tests from the vehicle’s on-board computer.

7. On-Board Monitor Test
Retrieves and displays test results for emission-related powertrain components and systems.

8. Read Vehicle Information
Display the information such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration verification number), etc.

9. EVAP Monitor Test

Thinkdiag Mini Support Multi Language

English, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Automatic VIN Recognition

Identifies cars quickly and easily with one-key VIN reading.

Print Vehicle Diagnostic Report

Live Data Stream Display

Support more than 110brands

Support Mobile Phone&Tablet Computer

Android:5.0 And IOS:9.0

Thinkdiag Mini OBD2 Diagnostic Tool is suitable for Mobile phones, tablet computer that meet the above version information. When the adapter is connected to the car, you only need to detect and diagnose your vehicle through the mobile phone’s Bluetooth 4.2 and APP. It is suitable for most DIY car owners and maintenance and repair car stores on the market.

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thinkdiag mini :15 Free Reset Functions And Choose 5 Brands For Free, Best Choice For Car Owner!

●OBD2 diagnosis function and full system diagnosis functions are free for life
●15 reset functions are 1 year free update.
. There are more than five car brands within one year, and the extra brand will cost 39.95usd a year. Ⅱ. After one year of free experience, a brand will cost 39.95 a year for 15 reset service

If you have any doubts, please consult our customer service

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    Code Readers & Scan Tools, OBD2 Scanner Blutooth

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    THINKCAR ThinkDiag Mini

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    Full System Diagnosis Scan

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    15 Reset Service

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    Full OBD2 Function

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    Bluetooth Compatible

13 reviews for Thinkcar ThinkDiag Mini OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Code Reader Car All System Scan DPF SAS EPB 15 Reset OBD 2 Auto Diagnostic Tools

  1. P***a

    Conform to the description not tried yet but seems intact it is to offer so I cross the fingers that its yours these promises

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: SPAIN

  2. R***r

    Доставка была plus. Посылка пришла даже на два дня раньше, чем обещали при заказе. Оплатил 26.09, в отделение Почты России пришло 29.09. Несмотря на хорошую упаковку с пупыркой, коробка была с незначительным повреждением. Если Вам нужно для подарка, попробуйте попросить продавца упаковать получше. Код активации прибора (для приложения) наклеен на инструкции. Инструкции на китайском, английском, французском, испанском, и немецком языках. Приложение помимо стандартной OBD2-диагностики, проводит диагностику систем автомобиля по VIN. VIN можно ввести руками или приложение само определит VIN, но не моментально – секунд 15. Диагностический отчёт сохраняется на сервере. Ссылку на него можно кому-нибудь послать, можно посмотреть на компьютере и распечатать. В приложении из отчёта по моему автомобилю нет возможности скопировать код ошибки, чтобы поискать в Интернете (в отличие от демо-режима). Приложение от меня пока денег не просило. Платные сервисные функции не загружал. Рекомендую!

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: Russian Federation

  3. s***e

    The pious dog Home Office car month, high available
    Carnival lace Impala Potter yuan large
    Highly recommended card center or whatever you are living beyond the body is being

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: China

  4. L***s

    I get everything fast and well to chile

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: China

  5. R***r

    This scanner provides 15 reset functions, which is very economical.

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: China

  6. v***v

    The device can connect to the printer to print the diagnostic report that I need.

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: China

  7. o***o

    Support many car brands, you can choose 5 brands for free use

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: China

  8. B***c

    Recommend product arrived correct, everything is working right!

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: China

  9. M***z

    Well Received.

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: China

  10. o***o

    I want to tell the seller Thank you. My car finally took this scanner. The producer advise registration was successfully installed for free while on three cars there are another two but I will hold it for now. Thank you again to the seller

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: China

  11. p***r

    Shipping to Israel super. I took it for Kia Sorento in 2004. ABS see recommend seller

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: China

  12. AliExpress Shopper

    Product quality very good very fast congratulations recommend atemais vergilio.

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: China

  13. o***n

    Professional product in pictures of the scanner rattles 묭 same function very satisfied with you

    Color: ThinkDiag Mini Ships From: China

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