Mixi Patent Design Aluminum Frame Suitcase Carry On Rolling Luggage Beautiful Boarding Cabin 18 20 24 Inch M9260

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New Arrival 24 inch And New Design with Hollow Wheels

Since this suitcase is come out, it is very hot. And many customers said that they want bigger sizes. So now we produced the 24 inches. Customers satisfaction is always our biggest pursuit.

We cooperated with American SJ.Turbol brand and create the new Hollow Wheels, more quiet and smooth. Only for Special You!

Mixi 2021 New Patent Design

The 3rd Generation 7mm Narrow Aluminum Frame Carry On Suitcase

1. Full front open qucik access;
2. Rock-proof 15.6 inch laptop compartment;
3. YKK brand zipper, 9000 times slide test still smooth;
4. TSA customs lock, secure and convenient;
5. PVE rubberized 8 spinner wheels, mute and durable;
6. The 3rd generation aluminum alloy telescopic handle, pipe is double thickness;
7. 3 years warranty, 15 days no reason return

Hanke, Chinese Famous Luggage Brand, Come to New York Times Square for 2 Consecutive Years!

100% PC Material

To judge a trolley case’s quality, the key point is its material. We use a new type of composite PC material, which constitutes the main structure of the trolley case.

Different from some ABS+PC materials, the case body is very thin and light, and its elastic characteristics can achieve cushioning effect.

PC can bear 3 times pressure than ABS material while pc cost is also higher than ABS. So that’s why famous brand luggages like use PC material.

Double Strength Aluminum Telescoping Handle

The telescopic handle is close to the inside of the box, which greatly enhances the space used of the case. Made of double thick aluminum alloy(0.8mm) to enhance the strength of the handle while enhancing the appearance.

How is Mixi brand?

Mixi is focus on fashion bags and luggages, created since 2012 by Hanke (If you want to know more, please refer to our brand story). They are same high quality.

3 Years Warranty

Dear friends, all of our products are excellent in materials and technology. Please keep the Luggage after-sales card and enjoy 3 Year Free Repair Warranty. Quality is ensured. Please buy with confidence.

About Cusomts Tax

We are not responsible for any customs tax or fee. Different country has different customs policy. Buyer should be responsible for the import customs clearance and pay for customs tax if there is any. If you need any documents or assistance, please contact us. We will try our best to help you.

Luggage Material Knowledge

What is the difference between PC, PC+ABS, and ABS?

ABS: advantages: hard, high density, low price; disadvantages: very heavy, poor pressure resistance. The ABS trolley case is heavy and cannot be restored after the deformation. After the ABS trolley case is impacted, the box surface will be creased or even burst directly. It is not recommended!

ABS+PC: refers to ABS and PC mixture and then heat a layer of PC film, its performance is between ABS and PC, not as good as PC compression, the material is not as light as PC, the appearance must not be as good as PC.

PC: Also known as “Polycarbonate”, the advantages are: light weight, heat resistance, wear resistance, toughness and impact resistance. PC has the most outstanding impact resistance and high toughness, so PC box can withstand transportation squeeze, collide, or even step on. PC material has also been selected as the main material for astronaut helmet masks and aircraft cabin covers. Its light weight solves the problem of load-bearing and improves the impact resistance of the aircraft. Disadvantages: The cost of PC is very high.

In the carrying and transportation of the trolley case, the most important point to be concerned is “weight” and “impact resistance”. No one wants to take a bulky suitcase to travel. The PC material box is characterized by “light”! PC impact resistance is much higher than ABS. After the impact of ABS trolley case, the box surface will appear crease or even burst directly. After the PC box receives the impact, the depression can gradually rebound and return to the prototype. So that is why the better luggage suitcase use pure PC material.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, everyone’s requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, and the advantages of PC trolley cases are obvious. Therefore, most people are also willing to purchase pure PC trolley cases with higher cost performance and more fashionable appearance.

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20 reviews for Mixi Patent Design Aluminum Frame Suitcase Carry On Rolling Luggage Beautiful Boarding Cabin 18 20 24 Inch M9260

  1. N***a

    Cool! Quality thing. Hard, durable, stable, maneuverable wheels, the handle does not hang, everything is sewn very smoothly and soundly. There is a silicone case, from scratches and dirt will protect. I really do not see the meaning of special in the covers, but for someone it is important. So another nice bonus. I wonder how long the wheels will last and whether it is possible to buy them for replacement. In my opinion, they are too elegant for a suitcase of this kind. In general, definitely recommend! I want now to buy a smaller suitcase of this manufacturer, for business trips.

    Color: Avacado Green Luggage Size: 24″ Ships From: China

  2. E***A

    Чемодан отличный! Очень красивый (я заказывала фисташковый) Есть один минус – весит 4 кг.Так как брала для ручной клади средний размер, это существенно. То есть можно с собой взять всего 6 кг. Спасибо продавцу за чехол.

    Color: Avacado Green Luggage Size: 20″ Ships From: China

  3. E***o

    Super, but very long delivery. Ordered 06.09 received 16.10

    Color: Smoke White Luggage Size: 24″ Ships From: China

  4. m***m

    Quality goods, I liked, thank you to the seller!

    Color: Avacado Green Luggage Size: 20″ Ships From: China

  5. D***h

    The suitcase is very decent. Cover included. The handle can have 4 positions in height. The quality is just excellent. For me, the most important was the moment of opening the suitcase not in half, namely the folding cover-it’s very convenient, then what you need, the suitcase will not take half half a Wheels are silent. In general, reommengrandfather.

    Color: Rock Gray Luggage Size: 20″ Ships From: China

  6. E***a

    Description fully corresponds. Tactile everything is very nice. Wheels move smoothly, easily and because of the fact that the rubberized are not smart. There was a melamine sponge inside the pocket. Suitcase in a large cardboard dense box in size, packed in a case and on top of the package. I’m very happy! Delivery was long in Russia, to Russia flew quickly, and almost 3 weeks were delivered from Moscow to St. Petersburg, somewhere stuck after customs clearance.

    Color: Smoke White Luggage Size: 20″ Ships From: China

  7. A***h

    The suitcase fully corresponds to the description, the wheels are silent, no defects and no damage, came in the box. Inside there are many pockets and compartments

    Color: Rock Gray Luggage Size: 20″ Ships From: China

  8. o***o

    Beautiful, good suitcase. I liked it very much, delivery is exactly a month. As a gift, the cover is transparent, which is nice and the melamine sponge, at first I did not understand why the sponge, and then I saw that there were traces of of of of And also (though I also bought a smaller suitcase for my daughter) sent a man’s bag over my shoulder, my husband immediately shook himself) with the seller did not communicate. Thank you very much!

    Color: Black Hollow Wheel Luggage Size: 24″ Ships From: China

  9. V***n

    Nice suitcase. Quality at altitude. I took the average size in black, on short trips, everything corresponds to the description, looks stylish, I did not regret what I bought. The seller and I recommend it. Special thanks to the seller, he put as a gift another shoulder bag. Also there is a cover and a sponge for cleaning. A practical idea is that the suitcase does not break in half, but opens through the lid. Itself is light, rolled quietly. I recommend to buy.

    Color: Black Hollow Wheel Luggage Size: 20″ Ships From: China

  10. O***a

    I’m so happy. The delivery was not very long, although I ordered for sale on 11.11
    A beautiful olive color, a cover without a logo although usually with a logo like. I like it without a logo, so I’m very happy, and also put my purse, maybe I do not know by mistake, but maybe as a gift. But the bag is so cool. And in the pocket is a sponge. Wheels are very smooth and fast to drive, convenient. It’s tight, I like it.
    Thank you very much.

    Color: Avacado Green Luggage Size: 24″ Ships From: China

  11. 0***r

    The Suitcase “went” for a long time, to Peter a little more than a month. The order was sent at once, but hung up at customs for 2 weeks. Given that the order was issued 11.11, during a huge load on marketers, then norms. The suitcase itself was neatly packed in a tight-fitting box with small foam inserts on top. The suitcase came in a transparent case, in perfect condition. In a look like should beat very convenient, I will complement after operation. With the seller did not communicate

    Color: Avacado Green Luggage Size: 24″ Ships From: China

  12. R***r

    Suitcase is just a dream! Thank you, very satisfied!

    Color: Avacado Green Luggage Size: 24″ Ships From: China

  13. E***a

    The order was made on November 11, and the courier brought today, December 17. A good and roomy suitcase + cover.

    Color: Sapphire Blue Luggage Size: 24″ Ships From: China

  14. AliExpress Shopper

    Finally got her suitcase, there were a lot of experiences during delivery. The quality is excellent, the packing, the cover, the lip for cleaning, everything came in the best possible form, do not complain. The suitcase itself is made of durable plastic, stylish, beautiful. Many thanks to the manufacturer and the store for the excellent goods! As for shipping. Delivery was up to December 5, but from November 27, the parcel successfully passed customs and until December 15 there was no information about its location. She did not enter DPD, she was called “at customs.” Found the site tracking parcels and it turns out the parcel already on November 27 left customs and transferred “unitrade” for transportation in the country. Until December 15, no information along with the seller about finding the parcel we could not find until it got into DPD, where they made the update of the track and very quickly delivered delivered delivered delivered Never contact “unitrade”, very low rating and bad reviews!

    Color: Smoke White Luggage Size: 24″ Ships From: China

  15. m***m

    Very high quality suitcase! I’m delighted, my money is worth it. In the complete set a cover and even as a gift put a bag over the shoulder. Very satisfied and recommend!) Thank you very much

    Color: Black Hollow Wheel Luggage Size: 20″ Ships From: China

  16. G***h

    Ехал писец как долго, но это лучший мой чемодан. с продавцом не общалась, курьер малость вынес мозг

    Color: Sapphire Blue Luggage Size: 20″ Ships From: China

  17. U***a

    Everything is as in the description! Purchase is happy! Thanks for the case)

    Color: Rock Gray Luggage Size: 20″ Ships From: China

  18. S***a

    Wonderful …. material hight quality divided… Perfect. However, taxed by the customs with a tax R$ 550 for this bag and purse same brand

    Color: Cornel Pink Luggage Size: 20″ Ships From: China

  19. 2***r

    Amazing suitcase! I just got it until I used it. But I examined the whole thing and I’m delighted-it’s made qualitatively, well thought out, even there is a cover) I did not communicate with the seller.

    Color: Cornel Pink Luggage Size: 20″ Ships From: China

  20. A***v

    This is one of the global sales purchases of 11.11.21. Annoying suitcases that are laid out as a book, has long been looking for an alternative. I stumbled upon this instance accidentally, it’s of course a bomb. Before buying, I contacted the seller and received answers on all questions of interest. I ordered two pieces at once and received a gift from the store-a mini men’s bag (last photo). In general, I was very pleased with the purchase, the quality of the goods, communication with the seller and a gift. Highly recommend.

    Color: Rock Gray Luggage Size: 24″ Ships From: China

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