LTE Antenna 3G 4G TS9 CRC9 SMA Connector 4G LTE Router External Antenna For Huawei 3G 4G LTE Router Modem 2M Cable

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Connetcor Options:TS9/ SMA/ CRC9
Max input power:50w
Cable type:Dual RG174

Cable length:about 2M

1 x CRC9/SMA/TS9 4G LTE Antenna


Vodafone R215, Vodafone R212, Vodafone K5150, Vodafone K5005, Vodafone K5006Z, Vodafone R226, Vodafone CarStick W5101
ZTE MF980, ZTE MF287 3neo, ZTE MF821D, ZTE MF821,ZTE MF910, ZTE MF90, ZTE MF93E,ZTE MF91D, ZTE MF91, ZTE MF91T, ZTE MF93D,ZTE MF91S,ZTE Flare, ZTE MF827, ZTE MF825C, ZTE MF95, ZTE MF75, ZTE MF825, ZTE MF831, ZTE MF823, ZTE MF279, ZTE MF971V
Netgear Aircard 340u, Netgear Aircard 341u, Sierra Aircard 313u,Sierra Aircard 320u, Sierra Aircard 330u, Sierra 754s, Sierra Aircard 760s, Sierra Aircard 762s, Sierra Aircard 763s, Sierra Aircard 770s, Netgear Aircard 771s, Netgear 782s, Netgear 781s, Netgear 785s, Netgear 778s, Netgear 790S (AC790S), Netgear 779s(AC779S), Netgear AC791L(Verizon Jetpack), Netgear Aircard AC810S(Telstra WiFi 4G Advanced III), Netgear LB1111, Netgear Nighthawk M1 MR1100, Netgear Aircard AC800S (Optus 4G Wi-Fi Modem (Cat 9) AC800S)
Huawei UML397, Huawei E397, Huawei E398, Huawei E392, Huawei E8278, Huawei E5373, Huawei E5775, Huawei E5786, Huawei E5776, Huawei E589, Huawei E5372, Huawei E5375, Huawei E5377, Huawei EC3372-871, Huawei E8372, Huawei E5577, Huawei E5577C, Huawei E5573, Huawei E5787, Huawei E5785,Huawei B528s-23a(Vodafone GigaCube),, Huawei B618,


– Huawei E5186, HUAWEI B890, Huawei E5175, Huawei B880, Huawei B310, Huawei B315, Huawei B593u-12, Huawei B593s-22, Huawei B593u-91, Huawei B593u, Huawei E5172S-22, Huawei E5172AS-22, HUAWEI E5172, Huawei B525, Huawei B612, Huawei B520s-93a, Huawei B715(B715s-23c)

– Vodafone B4000, Vodafone B3500, Vodafone B3000, Vodafone B2000, Vodafone B1000

– Alcatel Linkhub HH40, Alcatel Linkhub HH70, Alcatel Linkhub HH41

– Huawei E3276, Vodafone K5007, Huawei EC3372, Huawei E3372, Huawei E3272, Vodafone K5160 (K5160-H)

  • Brand Name


  • Certification


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  • Gain(dB)

    28 dbi, 28 dbi

  • Model Number

    3G 4G LTE Antenna TS9 CRC9 SMA Connector, 3G 4G LTE Antenna TS9 CRC9 SMA Connector

  • Specification


12 reviews for LTE Antenna 3G 4G TS9 CRC9 SMA Connector 4G LTE Router External Antenna For Huawei 3G 4G LTE Router Modem 2M Cable

  1. A***v

    The simplest antenna, it was possible to do it yourself. But for such a price, in scrap. Again, connectors, wire, box. In general, normally, much, in the sense of signal gain, do not count.

    Color: SMA Connector

  2. A***Y

    I got the antenna. Order, to the final point in St. Petersburg reached 49 days. Track number was tracked only on China territory. With native antennas of the router, the number of divisions of the signal can be seen on 5 photos, with the antenna that was installed, in the end it turned out the same,,,, To seller and manufacturer thank you very much!!!.

    Color: SMA Connector

  3. M***n

    It’s took almost 33 days to reach. Product was accurate as described. Didn’t use it yet, so can’t tell about the product quality or its working condition. Hope all will goes ok. Thanks.

    Color: TS9 Connector

  4. K***v

    It came to Ulyanovsk quickly, in a week! Recommend. Speed on 1 photo before installation, on 2-after installation.

    Color: CRC9 Connector

  5. A***l

    Bought for 4G router.
    I have not checked the work yet. Delivered very promptly

    Color: SMA Connector

  6. k***k

    As expected. The connectors are correct, for 3372 fit.

    Color: CRC9 Connector

  7. T***Y

    this antenna increased signal strength and internet speed is increased after installing this antenna. recommend this product

    Color: TS9 Connector

  8. v***v

    I did not expect, but the antenna works.

    Color: SMA Connector

  9. V***o

    zakaz ne polucil

    Color: SMA Connector

  10. g***r

    Not expected, but really improved the signal, compared to another single 3G-4G antenna, type of automobile.

    Color: TS9 Connector

  11. j***a

    Excellent I arrive fast and fit perfect with the modem, I recommend

    Color: TS9 Connector

  12. K***v

    Antenna is purely home. Don’t think it’s a strong antenna.

    Color: CRC9 Connector

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